Things are looking up!

When is the last time you looked up? So often, when we are going through our day, it's easy to keep your head down and power forward. On a recent day off I took to the streets of my neighborhood, Lakeview East, with the intent of being outside and enjoying the first nice day of Spring.

Along my walk, I often found myself looking up at the high-rise condominium complexes that intermingle with the three-flats and walk-ups that make Lakeview an architecturally diverse community. I noticed the symmetry of the buildings when you look up from a worm's eye view and found the inspiration for this post.

Street level can seem so congested with building next to building next to building. As you look up, the buildings spread out and the high-rise structures are illuminated by the sun. Lakeview has a good balance of older and newer buildings which compliment the Chicago skyline. Add a touch of clouds and I think these buildings really come to life.

Take a walk around your neighborhood. Share your photos 'looking up' with the hashtag #TMAlookingup.

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