Tacos, by sea

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

This year I have gotten into salmon tacos. They are easy to make, the ingredients can be different each time, and they are always a crowd pleaser. Perfect for summer, salmon tacos hit the spot on a hot day combining fresh ingredients and light fish. I picked up all the ingredients from Trader Joes, as usual, and went to town! 

I am a flour tortilla kind of guy. To keep the tacos healthy, I opted for whole wheat tortillas.

Tacos are great because you can pick ingredients you love and thow it all together. Since most of the items I included don't need to be cooked, it makes this meal quick! 

A simple glaze of EVOO, fresh pressed garlic and pepper gives the salmon just enough flavor without over powering the fish. I like my salmon well done, but you can cook it to your preference. Cut some slits into the salmon and let the glaze soak in! 

Throw it all together and enjoy! The colors and the flavors pop!  

I paired the tacos with Kidia sauvignon blanc 2017, from Chile. Light, crispy and a bit fruity, it pairs perfectly with the fresh ingredients in the tacos!  

What are some of you go-to summer dishes? Share your favorite sunny day meals in the comment section below! 

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