Step-by-Step Holiday Table

I love to entertain. Having people over, filling the table with laughter, wine and fellowship gives me a feeling that is indescribable. One of my favorite aspects of hosting is setting the table. In a previous post, Setting the table, I showed you three easy ways to prepare your table for guests.

With the holiday's near, people tend to entertain a bit more than normal. I have my go-to table scape I use when gathering friends and family around the table in November and December. This step-by-step is aimed to help you through this [sometimes] stressful aspect of entertaining.


  • 3 types of eucalyptus

  • Assorted branches

  • Deep red flowers

  • Apples

The great thing about the materials is you can use whatever accents you want. Pick a color scheme and go with that.

Step 1.

Begin with the foundation. Find the shape you want and build from there. I usually keep the middle narrow and work toward the outsides of the table. I started with traditional eucalypus.

Step 2.

Add next layer, typically going to be a different type of leave or base. Here I used silver dollar eucalyptus.

Step 3.

Depending how thick you want it, add more or less. I wanted my centerpiece to be full and picked up some additional greenery (from Trader Joes, of course). I use the same number and generally same size branches on each side so they are even in size.

Step 4.

Here is where you can be a bit creative. Depending on what accents you plan to use, you can make the centerpiece start to come to life around this step. I've added these beautiful 'Fall Fields' as TJ called them. They add a subtle addition of color to the table. I also added a few extra small pieces to fill out the center a bit more.

Step 5.

Add some finishing embellishments to the centerpeice. I opted for apples. Again, keeping the amount on either side consistent.

This really adds the finishing touch to the table and adds just the right amount of color. It's appropriate for Autumn and can transition into Winter too.

Step 6.

Lastly, you'll add your place setting to really enhance the table.

Now, just cook the food, pour wine and enjoy your evening. This table setting took about 20 minutes to complete. There is no right or wrong, you really can create your own design. These are steps to help guide you along the way. After you add one layer or detail, be sure to take a step back and examine the table. You don't want to crowd or make one side too heavy.

Here are some additional examples of tables I have set in the past:

Above: Thanksgiving 2017 Below: Install for Christmas Dinner 2017

So, if you're hosting this holiday season, I hope this helps. Share your table setting on our Facebook page. Let us know what you think of these table setting steps in the comment section.

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