Sleepless in Seattle

Updated: May 4, 2019

In March, John and I planned a 30th birthday celebration for one of my best friends, Jasmine. It was a weekend of friends, beautiful weather and lots of exploring. A group of 10, it was many of our first time visiting the Emerald City and it did not disappoint. The perfect mix of city, seashore and stunning mountains, Seattle quickly became one of my favorite cities to date. Now, when you only have a weekend, you have to fit a lot in. With a local guide on hand, Jasmine showed us some of the highlights Seattle has to offer.

This was my first time seeing mountains. Pictured above are the North Cascades - a mountain range that crosses the Canadian boarder. I was almost at a loss for words at how beautiful they are. You cannot fully grasp the magnitude of mountains until you see them in person.

When you go to a big city like Seattle, there is plenty to do. From Pike Place Market to Bainbridge Island, and everything in between, we covered a lot of territory. Below are some of our group shots throughout the weekend. Having everyone together visiting Jasmine in her new home was such a great experience. Also, how cute are we in our matching Sleepless in Seattle t-shirts?!

Pictured (L-R): Pike Place Market, Fremont Troll, Bainbridge Ferry, MoPOP

Seattle is a beautiful city surrounded by stunning mountains. The landscape of the city, surrounded by mountains, separates Seattle from the mix of metropolitan cities in the US.

Pictured: Greetings from Seattle - be careful, it is not open to the public, only for events.

For the most part, we spent the weekend in the city, with our AirBnB in West Seattle, just past the industrial district. We went to some great restaurants and coffee shops (I didn't get Starbucks from the original, but we did stop in to take a look!).

Pictured above (L-R): Atulea, Collections Cafe, 1st and Pike Starbucks

One of our favorite stops during the trip was the Seattle Public Library. An 11 floor building in the center of the city is an architectural gem. Jasmine took us to the top floor which overlooks the center of the library to a ledge that will take your breath away when you look down. The design of the building, built in 2004, is nothing short of spectacular.

On the last day in Seattle, everyone was flying back to Chicago. We had planned it so that our flight was at 11:30pm so we would have the day to go hiking. We settled on exploring the North Cascades and set off.

These mountains are truly beautiful. We got to see them while they were still snow capped and as we drove, there was snow on the ground but it was 50 degrees. Very bizarre, but we were not complaining. I'll admit, we never found the actual paths were we looking to hike, but we spent about 1.5 hour driving around and through the mountains, taking pits stops here and there to get out and enjoy the scenery. It was perfect and we had a ton of fun.

We eventually did find an area in the mountains to stop and have lunch. It was on the quite backroad and we stumbled upon a waterfall. The sun was beating down as we enjoyed lunch and laughter and it was a moment were you stop and think, life is good!

On the way back, we pulled over one last time so we could get one last view of some of the mountains. Naturally, I had to have a little fun...

Have you been to Seattle? If so, share what your favorite part of the city is in the comment section below!

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