Put a ring on it

In the infamous words of Beyonce :"If you liked it then you should've put a ring on it". While she may be talking about a very different type of ring, we are interpreting it as napkin rings - an essential and often overlooked aspect of a dinner table setting. But what do you do when you don't have any on hand or want to mix things up? Why not take a look around your home and get creative? I took three ordinary items found around my apartment and created a different look and feel for each option with a bonus fourth option. The supplies were: silver wire, twine and ivory silk ribbon.

The silver wire was the most time intensive but they look like I could have purchased them at Crate and Barrel or West Elm.

The process:

1. Cut the wire in 18 inch strips

2. Wrap the wire around something round three times to create the shape (I used small candle) 3. Using pliers, twist the ends together and mold into the size wanted

I really like that they didn't all turn our identically and they each have a bit of a personality on their own. They are a little more formal and create a sleek and simple look for the table.

The next material I used was twine. Who doesn't have a spool or two of twine laying around in a junk drawer? This napkin ring was very easy and the most informal of the options.

The process:

1. Unwind and cut approximately three feet of twine (the length can be adjusted for personal preference)

2. Wrap the wine around your hand creating a multi-layered ring

3. Place the napkin through the ring and tuck the end pieces in the back

This look is more rustic and informal but creates depth to the place setting. I could see this used for a nautical theme or a wedding or event in a barn or outdoors. It can be kept more neat at the middle of the napkin, or you can leave the twine more natural and stretched. Either way, there is room for you to make it your own.

The last material I used was ivory silk ribbon. I keep a box under my bed of odds and ends crafting pieces, so I find that I have a lot of ribbon. These are perfect for a Sunday brunch, a birthday party or a simple dinner party.

The process:

1. Cut ribbon in 10 inch pieces, cutting the ends at a diagonal

2. Tie the ribbon with knot or bow leaving it loose so the napkin doesn't bunch too much or get wrinkled

This is a quick and easy option if you are in a hurry. The great thing is because there are so many types, colors and materials for ribbon, you could almost always have a new napkin ring!

BONUS napkin ring: Rosemary

This is my favorite napkin ring option for summer. It is fresh and colorful which is perfect for a bright and sunny dinner table.

The process:

1. Tie one stalk of rosemary, about 10 inches long, around the napkin (the rosemary will stay in place if you tie it)

That's all there is to it. Simple but make a lasting impression. Smells good too!

Do you have any DIY napkin rings that you use? If so, share them in the comments section - we'd love to give them a try, too!

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