Parlez-Vous Français?

Updated: Jan 1, 2018

I don't even know where to start with this post. Finland was amazing, it truly was, but Paris is a vacation I have been dreaming about for almost 15 years since I studied French in high school. While we only spent three days in Paris, I knew I was going to take every opportunity to enjoy the culture. Oh, and that I did!

When Vilma and I arrived in Paris, our first stop was our quaint, four-story boutique hotel, Hotel de la Place Vosges. It was just perfect for two tourist who were planning to spend as little time as possible there but needed a cozy place to sleep (they seriously used the old school book-keeping when we checked in!).

Now that we had unloaded our bags, it was time to get out and see what this romantic city was all about. Also, we were starving, so food was first. We walked around the 4th arrondissement (OMG do I sound so French or what?!) until we settled on Café Fontaine Sully. It was the most "Americanized" place we ate all trip, but we were borderline hangry, so we ate our first meal, and drank wine :).

I did have more than rose, but we did continue our tradition of only drinking rose on this vacation!

The next series of photos are what is amazing and beautiful Paris, France. Every nook and cranny was filled with history, beautiful architecture and the romantic French language.

I mean, why would you ever want to go anywhere else? During this trip, Vilma and I were just so amazed how old everything is. This city was built and functioning before our countries were even known to be land.

Every building was so different and so beautiful that I would gladly literally live in any, but can we talk about how expensive it is?! #AMIRIGHT

You turn a street corner and it leads to another beautiful street with more stunning buildings. I did not see anything I didn't love... granted we were in the heart of Paris.

We did makes sure to hit all of the tourist areas such as La tour Eiffel, Musee Du Louvre, Arc De Triomphe, Palace of Versailles, Moulin Rouge and so much more. Enjoy some photos below...

"Bonjour!" - This was me containing my excitement being in front of the Eiffel Tower!!!

The grounds of the Louvre. Good thing we bought our timed tickets ahead of the trip. Saved us several hours of waiting in line... I highly recommend doing that if you plan on going!

Notre-Dame de Paris is stunning... and HUGE!! Located along the Seine, this is a beautiful place to stop and appreciate life!

I mean, you cannot go to Paris and NOT see the Moulin Rouge. We went to the show and it was really entertaining!!

Talk about a garden... Versailles knows how to manicure a lawn (or 100).

While there are so many more pictures to show you, this post eventually needs to come to an end. Paris, you are an amazing, beautiful city. Thank you for a wonderful vacation and thousands of pictures. I will remember my first trip forever and hope to create many more memories throughout life!!

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