New Year... Better Me!

Updated: Jan 1, 2018

It has arrived.


We say 'au revoir' to the last year and 'bonjour' to the New Year!

I love this time of the year because we can look back at all we have accomplished, are working to accomplish or have not yet started but “will get to”. The end of a year is filled with hope. Promise for change. An opportunity for a fresh start.

Many of us make resolutions to get fit, eat healthier, purge our closets, spend less time on Facebook, etc. If that is you this year, go for it! You are capable of doing great things and I believe in you! For me, I wanted to take a different approach to my resolutions. I am setting out to make my life better, my existence and influence in this world stronger and striving to be my best me!

I have set my mind to four resolutions. Not too many so that I set myself up for failure and not too little so that I take the easy way out. Below I have written them down and detailed three points on how I plan to resolve each resolutions…

1. Have intentional Conversations

1. Engage beyond the weather, politics (EW!) and weekend plans.

2. Really get to know my friends and those I interact with by asking more thoughtful questions.

3. Keep work to a minimum. Seriously, work talk is DRAINING and ALL CONSUMING. Five minutes of work talk and then we are moving on. After all, we are more than work, are we not?

2. Broaden my vocabulary

1. 2017 was filled with “YAS” and "OMG"… I can only go up from hither. (Ok, trying too hard!) I cannot give into trending verbiage or at least I should resist the urge!

2. I’d like to read more. The amount of time I spend on public transit can and should be used for so much more than, dare I say it, Instagram and Words with Friends.

3. I just ordered a daily desk calendar, Words You Should Know to Sound Smart 2018, from Amazon! That should be something fun to look forward to each day.

3. Give back

1. Volunteer (at minimum) once a month whether it is organized by a group or a project I do on my own.

2. Use my resources and connections I have already established to give back to the community. In my work, I know a lot of non-profit executives that are likely always looking for a helping hand.

3. Bring my friends. It's always more fun when you are doing good things with people you know. It would probably be helping them with their resolutions too!

4. Be creative and inspiring - AKA Blog

1. This is an adventure. A challenge. A new hobby!

2. Holding myself accountable to being creative, exploring new places and meeting new people! (Also, you all holding me accountable!)

3. Committing to this blog for at least one year. Who knows, maybe more… depending on where it takes me!


5. See more theatre!

  • Stop being cheap and buy yourself tickets. You love theatre and it makes you happy. Do more of what makes you happy. End of story!

If you have some resolutions you want to be held accountable for, write them below in the comment section and we do this together!

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