Love what you wear!

Updated: Jan 1, 2018

In my {humble} opinion, a man isn’t “dressed” until he puts on a watch. I wear one all day, every day. For me, there is no worse feeling then when I walk out of my apartment and forget to put one on. Literally... I think about it all day. My 'secret' is to keep an extra watch in my desk drawer for those days where I spent too much time on my hair and end up having to rush out the door, sans watch...

I love simplicity - sleek watches that transition from day to night without having to actually switch them. Skagen does that for me. A simple watch face and clean, leather bands make these my go-to. I typically stick to brown or black leather bands only with silver or gold accents. I have others in my collection like the staple Timex, a navy Marc Jacobs and Daniel Wellington.

As for accessories, less is more. I tend to gravitate towards silvers and have a few pieces I wear almost everyday. One of my favorite places for jewelry is Beadniks Chicago, in Wicker Park. I have made over a dozen pieces from there and the best part is they are all customized to exactly what you want. Recently, I made a few pieces of simple sterling silver chains that I LOVE.

On the left is a simple silver, double-wrap bracelet I made and am obsessed with! I selected the sterling chain, the length and the clasps, they linked it up and I walked out of the boutique with it on! I highly recommend checking them out if you are looking for one-of-a-kind pieces to add to your jewelry portfolio.

Keeping things casual with this combo... also, wine!

L - R Bracelet from Birchbox (circa 2013, don't know brand), Timex watch, Coach leather wrap

This piece was purchased during my trip to Finland, at the Market Square.

I rotate between two necklaces. The gold necklace is a cartouche necklace my father gave me after returning from serving in the middle east. One side says CODY and the other is my name in Arabic. This is a special piece that I will cherish forever.

The other necklace was a design I made at Beadniks... ok, so perhaps I am obsessed with that place. I'm lucky I live on the other side of the city or I'd spend all my money there and have wrists full of jewelry! The chain is the thinnest sterling silver they had and the pendant is a simple silver hammered metal piece. I had the chain-links conjoined so the chain is seamless. It was fitted large enough to slide on and off of my head.

Up close and personal with the cartouche necklace.


Surprise places to find great, often times eclectic, jewelry are art museums. I have a few pieces that I've purchased over the years from The Art Institute Museum Shop, such as the beaded bracelet to the left.The Museum of Contemporary Art Store is also very well recognized and has a ton of fantastic options for men & women!

My only chain-link watch, in rose gold. I wear this with my tuxedo or for dressier occasions.

I really don't have a massive collection, but what I do own is true to me and I think that is what is most important. Own pieces because you love them, not because they are what is trendy or because it cost a ton of money.

Love what you wear and do you!

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