Keeping life on track, one day at a time.

I remember back in my high school days, every student received a planner for the year and I was always secretly excited to receive mine. Otherwise, how could I possibly remember tennis practice!? The tradition of starting

the year with a solid mode of organization continued into college. My friends and I would go to the university bookstore and look around at their collection.

Personally, I prefer organizers that break up each day by time and provide more than a box to write in. I have a lot going on in my life after all… not.

To this day, I have continued to keep my days in order by utilizing a datebook. While technology has advanced and life seems to be more organized with Outlook and iCal, there is something special about having a tangible calendar where you can put pen to paper.

I think my desire comes from my mother. She has always had a datebook in her purse and a calendar in the house. When managing three schedules, there was no choice to but stay organized and she never missed a beat. I remember my family would sit down at the table on Sundays and we would list off what we had going on that week. My mother would jot notes down as to when and where pick-ups needed to be arranged so that our lives would be a little less hectic.

She also always keeps a Lang calendar in her kitchen and writes important engagements and events down as a constant reminder. I was at home this past holiday season and there was so much on my mother's calendar, I could barely make out the letters! My sister also continued that habit and keeps a calendar in her home to manage her familes activities, which are only going to get busier as the boys grow up!

As an adult in the 21st century, life never slows down. We are constantly being pulled in 100 different directions to 101 different places. Lucky for me, I discovered the best organizer for me to maintain my engagements a few years back when I stumbled upon a little boutique in Lincoln Park, Elizabeth Grace.

Elizabeth Grace is one of those places where you want to buy everything in the shop because it is all so cute, but then who really needs everything? I did, however, come across a sleek and mature datebook that I fell in love with and had to buy.

This desk diary for me has exactly what I need to stay updated. The hourly planning for each day in the week-at-a-glace format allows me to know when and where I need to be. From the gilded pages, to the 32 pages of maps in full color and extensive informational directories, this datebook has it all. I personalized the datebook to have 2018 embossed in gold and my name blind embossed on the cover. This datebook is an investment but becuase I use it 365 days a year, it is always worth it to me.

Below are some tips and tricks I use when filling my week, from my 2017 datebook. Try some on your own and work towards a more organized 2018!

1. Doodle.

Use this as an organizer but also a creative outlet. Unless you are showing everyone your schedule, this is a personal space for you to test out hand lettering and drawing.

2. Accentuate important events.

You will see above that I have four events with a border around it. It draws your attention (so you don't forget about the event) and makes the pages more fun!

3. STARS for accomplishments.

Each star represents a day I worked out that week. For you, it can be days you woke up on time, packed your lunch for work, read pages of a book or anything you need help holding yourself accountable for. The less stars (or stickers) the more you need to work on it!

4. Have Fun!

This is your planner. Make it reflect who you are as a person. Try new things, express yourself and get things done {on time} while doing it!

If you don't live in Chicago, don't worry! You can order your own datebook directly from Graphic Image. You, too, can personalize it and have it shipped directly to your door in just a few weeks.

Share some of the ways you keep yourself organized each week in the comments below!

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