Hidden lilies

After living somewhere for so long, especially a big city, you discover hidden gems. Some of them you are lucky to discover and they maintain there secrecy and others become the next big trend. For me, the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond is one of my favorite hideaways Chicago has to offer. A serene escape from the everyday hustle and bustle, the Lily Pond provides an oasis in the city - void of stress, emails and notifications.

Originally created in 1936, this city santuary was remodeled in 2002 and has since been registered as a National Historic Landmark. While it has garnered some wonderful recognition over the years, this unassuming retreat keeps its visitors feeling at home and at ease. I recently took a stroll around the lily pond and captured some shots along the way.

Located at the northern end of Lincoln Park Zoo, the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pond has the most unassuming entrance. No big signs or flashy exterior to distract from the tranquil interior, the pond can be accessed from the corner of Fullerton and Cannon Drive in Lincoln Park. With access to the zoo directly from the pond, you get double the fun in one easy outing.

It's nice to have a place of respite in a big city like Chicago. Residents live here because they love the hustle and bustle energy of the city, but it's nice to break out of that system every once in a while. If you live in the Chicagoland area and find yourself near the Lincoln Park Zoo, pop in and unwind, you'll thank me later.

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