DIY: Wall Décor

I would say that I am DIY kind of guy. I love a good ol’ at home, do-it-yourself project to enjoy and can feel proud of. This is the first of *hopefully* many DIY posts and comes to you by way of wall décor.

I, like many people, love art. I have a few art museum memberships and have made it a point to tour any museum in a new city I visit. See my previous post of my tour of the Union League Club of Chicago art collection. I have been lucky to acquire a few pieces of art for my home over the years. Nothing large, nothing of significant monetary worth… but, to me it is special. Each work has a place in my home and a story to accompany it. By no means do I have enough art to cover my walls, so that is where this DIY comes in handy.

Do It Yourself: Wall Décor

This post is a simple way to give your home character, unique to you, while having fun and not breaking the bank. The best part is that there is total creative liberty when working on your own.

I took the day to gather the materials:

  • Frames

  • Decorative paper

  • Vintage books

  • Tape, paint and scissors.

Getting the supplies is the “hardest” part. To start, I went to my go-to store for decorative paper, Paper Source. Paper Source is a premier paperie and gift retailer offering each customer an intimate, boutique-feel when they enter their stores and can be found in 30 states across the US.

I went to the Lincoln Park store and chose a few pieces with touches of blue. As a side note, I am going to incorporate blues in my décor to accent the gold and maroon I currently have in my living and dining space. The paper ranges from $5.00 - $9.00 making it a great bargain. The LP store had at least 30 different options to choose from, so it took me some time to decide (20 minutes, eek!). I left spending $27.00 and feeling very satisfied.

Other stores you can get great paper options would be Blick, Michaels or Rifle Paper Co. You can even use wrapping paper or scrapbook paper - there really are a lot of options, it’s up to you!

I love going to thrift shops and finding great deals. I picked up a few frames at the local Mt. Sinai Resale Shop because they are $2.00 and why not!? I was also looking for a book in French, but I didn’t get so lucky so I settled for an English book, set in France, with French illustrations. I was happy and left with three frames and one book, only spending $6.00.

I had my supplies and headed home. From there, the DIY is simple. Cut the paper to fit the frame(s). Play around with matted vs. non-matted frames, sizes and colors and see what pairs well together. Put them on the walls, stand them up on end tables, layer on your desk... go to town!

Here are some examples of what I created and styled.

This paper even doubles as my new book mark!

Simple decoration for the bottom of my shelf unit.

I'm obsessed with my updated desk. I turned it from primarily golds to a mix of gold and blues. Also, can we talk about the waves paper?!?!

An example of mixing frames, patterns and paper.

So, give it a try!

I'd love to see what fun and creative wall décor you come up with. Share on social media with the tag #TMADIY

Comment below if you have any favorite tips, tricks or DIYs.

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