DIY: Pressed Leaves

One of the best things that comes from Autumn, besides the cooler weather and layers, is the stunning change of colors in the leaves. Living in the Midwest, we usually get a beautiful Autumn and living on the north side of the city, we have plenty of foliage to admire. I was very happy with the way my pressed flowers DIY turned out, I wanted to see try my hand at pressing leaves. I walked around town, gathered an array of colors, shapes and sizes and set off to do some work!

Follow these simple steps to get your own art, created just by you!

Step 1: Gather Materials

This includes foliage, books and parchment paper.

I picked up a ton of leaves. I made sure that I had too many because I wanted to have options when I laid them all out. I had to walk around for a bit to get a good variety. I also gathered just about every large book I have in my apartment for the pressing. I think what I found did the trick! At least my biceps were hopeful!

Step 2: Lay Out Leaves

In line with with gathering extra leaves, I wanted to press a few extras, for options and in case one or two of them didn't press well or got too dry.

I laid the leaves over the parchment paper to make sure they all fit. Overall, I had to divide the leaves between 3 books. You want to make sure none of the leaves touch or overlap.

Step 3: Let Them Sit

This, ironcially, is the hard part. I let the leaves press for a week. With my patience being on the side of low, it was hard to walk past them each day and not take a peak. But, I did not and waited. Make sure you have enough books or boards to add a good amount of weight. I used the books and then added a 25 lbs wieght on the top.


Finally, the week is over. I opened the books and much to my pleasure, they were perfect. They looked so good and I couldn't wait to get them on my wall! The frames came with a matting. I had an off white recycled paper which I used for the backing of the leaves. I secured the leaves with a touch of hot glue to ensure they don't slip while on the wall.

Honestly, this was very simple and only took about 15 minutes (and then 1 week). There really isn't much more to following those steps. I encourage you over the next few weeks while the leaves are still beautiful to walk outside, grab a few and give it a try!

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