DIY: Eucalyptus Wreath

As I've stated before, I love eucalyptus. Over time, I've seen many different variations of a eucalyptus wreath and wanted to try my hand at making one. A few years ago, I made my first wreath and found that it was quite simple, if you have some patience. I have created my own way of constructing a eucalyptus wreath with minimal time and materials. Follow the steps below and you, too, can have your own eucalyptus wreath for your home - less than $40.00!!


18in wire wreath frame (Michaels)

Green floral tape (Michaels)

Green floral wire, 24 gauge (Michaels)

Wire cutters

Mixed eucalyptus (Trader Joes) - Plan to by 8-10 bundles

  • Silver Dollar

  • True Blue

  • Willow

Step One:

Take nine long, single stems of the true blue (traditional) eucalyptus and use the floral tape to attach it to the outer ring of the frame.

Be sure to wrap the tape several times so the adhesive sticks to itself. This step will act as the foundation for your wreath and be used as a point of reference when adding the additional layers. Note, the step will get messy and your fingers will become green and sticky from the tape.

A close-up view to see how I have done it.

Step two:

Add a second layer of one to two more true blue stems.

I found that switching to the wire to attach these stems was easiest. Make sure these stems stick out the most and are healthy and strong. You will want to leave some extra stems to use as filler in the end.

Step 3:

Take the silver dollar eucalyptus and make groupings.

Some of the stems can be very full and oddly shaped which will cause your wreath to look uneven or lopsided. I usually cut them into a few stems, so the groups are more consistent. I always lay them on the frame to make sure it will fill evenly before I attach them.

Then, add them to the next ring on the frame. This is where you will begin to see the wreath filling up and coming to life. Do your best to make it symmetrically proportionate.

Step 4:

Take the willow and wrap it along the last, inner ring of the frame.

I found that using the wire and pliers was easiest. Again, I recommend you lay the leaves down before attaching to make sure you have full coverage. I've not worked with willow eucalyptus in the past, so it was fun to experiment.

Step 5: Wow, you are almost done!

Take the extra true blue stems from Step 2 and add them in as filler to cover empty stops and to add dimension.

Place these in wherever your feel necessary.

Step 6:

Find a place to display on your wall and hang.

YOU DID IT YOURSELF! Once you find the perfect place in your home, you may have to rotate it a few times to find the best way the leaves lay. You may need to make some final adjustments once it is hanging and can always stick in any leftover eucalyptus... I usually do.

I'd love to see how your DIY Eucalyptus Wreath turns out.

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