Before and After

When you live in a big city, it's common to be a renter. While you can be limited to the changes you can make the apartment, sometimes you get a landlord who is on board with minor design changes. Such is the case with this easy and affordable upgrade I recently made to my kitchen. Unfortunately, I have a tiny kitchen... as in two's a crowd kind of tiny. Cabinets on top, limited counter space and cabinets on the bottom. Pretty standard and does the job, usually. I've been wanting to do something to try and open the space up a little more (without knocking down a wall) and settled on the idea of taking the doors off of the cabinets above the sink.

The materials were limited and I spent under $30 for the whole project. Before, my kitchen was a room that I wanted guests to walk by, sort of the "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain". Below is a shot of the kitchen before the project.

When you have cabinet doors, it's fair game to shove and put things wherever they will (or will not) fit. You don't have to be organized as long as the doors close. Such was the case for me. No rhyme or reason, just get it out of sight!

I figured that if I just took the doors off, it would force me to do the rest... and that rationale actually worked - this time. I bought a pint of paint that I tried my best to match with the existing color which wasn't a perfect match, but it still ended up looking good. The wallpaper I 'borrowed' from work. I love the pattern and thought the light color would look good in my kitchen.

It took about three coats to cover the interior of the cabinet. It's a small space so it dried pretty quickly. It also helps that you can't really mess this up. Cover the entire surface with paint and you're done. The back isn't painted because that is where the wallpaper will go.

And here you have the final results. I cannot believe what a small improvement does to a space and for less than $30. It may be all in my mind, but I feel like this makes my tiny kitchen seem just a tad bit bigger. It's more inviting as you walk down the hall. With a little organization of plates and glasses, it's looks clean and airy.

To say I am happy with the results is an understatement. It is a fun expression of creativity kept within the renters' bounds.

Don't be scared to try something new. Sometimes it's the smallest improvements that make the biggest impact. Let me know what you think of the project in the comment section below!

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