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Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Chicago is an amazing city. If not for the architecture and food, Chicago has a great art scene.

While theatre, museums and music are strong contenders, it's the street art that is the most underrated but equally exciting form of art Chicago has to offer.

I recently set to the West Loop, Chicago's most up and coming neighborhood, and took in all of the art that has been created. I was inspired by my friend and fellow blogger, Erica Vass, who has a great Instagram account where she takes pictures of her bike in front of amazing murals: @chicyclemurals. Give her blog a read too...

These muralists create some visually stunning works of art on concrete walls in some of the most random places; little secrets for people to find. It takes a lot of skill, tons of talent and endless creatively to create these masterpieces. Take a look at some of the best ones I found as I took the West Loop by foot, camera and a few outfits! Photos by @troxelcreative.

Above: Mural by @solomonsouza (IG)

Above and Below: Mural by @felipepantone (IG)

Channeling my inner @antoni!

Above Left: Mural by @sipros_sipros (IG) Above Right: Mural by @saulpalosr

Above and Below: Mural by @merlotism (IG)

Below: Let's call these vintage. No tags found.

Above: Mural by @kalanstrauss

This one above, by @marcomiller_art (IG) is one of my favorites!

Below: Mural by @detroit_baklava (IG)

This was a very fun project. It was a great way to get out and explore some unfamiliar territories. These people are true artists and create large works of art for all people to enjoy. Murals are nothing new, but they are popping up everywhere (and in every city). I saw quite a few in Nashville when I visited. ChooseChicago even has a page that helps tourist find some of the best murals in the city,

Get out and explore. Get your steps in. Take in the art around! Comment below with the location(s) of some of your favorite murals!

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