All that and a bundle of flowers

It's summer and there is one thing every home needs - flowers. There is nothing like having a little extra color and some fresh scents to brighten up a room.

Between the farmers markets in my neighborhood and the four surrounding grocery stores, there is certainly no shortage of tulips and petunias.

Trader Joes is hands down the most convenient and affordable place to buy flowers. It's usually my go-to because they have such high quality options in large quantities.

I love to keep a simple color palette and spice it up with a few hints of bright, bold colors. I have prepared four ways to bundle flowers, perfect for any home. When styling for your home, don't be afraid to play with textures and mix up varieties of flowers.

For the table

I often go with all white for my table settings. There is something about a clean look that elevates a dinner. It allows the food to be the center of attention, but creates a beautiful backdrop. I went with a hydrangea and lily pairing. I cut them short and placed them in a clear, round vase and kept some of the leaves. The trick when styling a short vase is to cut the stems shorter than you think. You want the head of the flower to rest on the lip of the vase and the stems to float below. Be careful with lilies, they have a very strong smell.

For the home

My apartment living room is filled with soft, light colors. I opted to change it up and add a bright pop of color with these irises. Complimented by hoary stock and purple fillers, this blooming bouquet is the focal point of the room. The stark contrast is nice to have with a more muted backdrop. With the sun shining in, these flowers get all the attention! I bought the white pitcher from a local resale shop. It's sturdy and large enough to hold this large bouquet and doesn't steal the attention away as it blends in with the surroundings.

For the bedroom

'Go simple or go to bed' is what I always say. Or as my mom would say as I squeezed a half dollar size section of gel into my hair in middle school, 'sometimes, less is more'. That's the rule I follow for flowers in the bedroom. My nightstands are small and get over crowded quickly - so I go with a minimalist approach. These single stem dianthus are perfect for the light and airy look I was going for. A stunning shade of pink against the white backdrop of my bedding keep the room tranquil and relaxing. It is great waking up and having flowers as one of the first things you see. And yes, I used one of my water glasses as a vase... I love the tall, slender and transparent look it provides.

For the fun of it

Most importantly, have fun with it. Make arrangements that feel good to you. Flowers should compliment your feelings and help enhance the environment you've created. Sometimes, like below, you don't even need a flower. Greenery goes a long way (You all know how much I love ecualyus)! Get out there and create something beautiful. Play around with it and try a few arrangements before you stick with one. See details below on the TMA Challenge!

TMA Challenge:

Go buy some flowers and make an arrangement for your home. Send me some photos of what you've created to and I will feature you on social media.

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