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The Mystic Avenue.

Started in 2017, The Mystic Avenue came about as both a passion project and a challenge.This platform is for individuals who seek inspiration for their own work, find value in creativity and appreciate beauty in all things. The name draws on inspiration from several different places. Mystic is an absolutely beautiful, seaport town nestled in the south east corner of Connecticut. The nautical hues and smell of fresh salt water make it a must-visit destination when vacationing on the East Coast. Avenue derives from the journey and road that this blog will lead. The new experiences that The Mystic Avenue will provide are sure to be a path worth exploring. 

Cody Czmyr.

Cody Czmyr, creator behind The Mystic Avenue, lives in Chicago, IL. Growing up as a child of military parents, Cody had the opportunity to travel at a young age and be introduced to different walks of life, experience diverse cultures and celebrate all that life provided. By day, Cody works as Director of Communications and Membership for a private social club in the North Shore of Chicago. This fills his passion for meeting new people, being creative and artistic and expanding his professional network. By night, Cody can be found on the volleyball court, an art museum or a local restaurant with friends and family. 

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